John's Story - Vibrant Groups

When we first started attending CACC at the time nine years ago, we didn’t know anyone in the area. We were drawn to the church and liked the service but wanted to connect more. We heard about a young professionals' life group and started to attend it. While that group didn’t last long, it hooked us on to groups. We identified the need in our lives for that community and connection. We are still great friends with a couple we met in that group.

We moved on to another life group, meeting even more wonderful people. As we started having kids and life changed these people were our support and helped us face the changes. We got to fellowship and study together while also building friendships that have lasted the years, and people moving out of the state. Challenged by the studies and discussions about our faith, our faith grew, along with our relationships with group members. God definitely blesses these times and communities.

We were asked to multiply our group by starting to lead our own group. We have done that now for the past four-plus years. Our group has changed as people come and go somewhat, but the purpose and joy in it remain. Leading is a challenge but also pulls you deeper into the Word and your faith. Lives are impacted as life keeps throwing those monkey wrenches, but God provides and seeing that is a real blessing. Watching others grow in their faith, seeing people come together and serve each other, life groups are a great blessing.

We are now, what used to frustrate me as a kid, staying after church or getting there early just to talk and see people. Life groups have been the single biggest factor in us knowing and having relationships with many families at church. Groups have helped us feel plugged in and part of something bigger. The Bible is clear that we are to support each other in this way and I’m grateful the opportunity exists at Vibrant to be part of a life group. They are vital and I encourage everyone to find a group to grow and experience life with.
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