Welcome to Vibrant


from Drew Peterson, Lead Pastor at Vibrant

Hey, friend! Thanks for connecting with us. If you’re looking to find hope and purpose in Jesus, you’ve come to the right place. Wherever you’re at, and wherever you’ve come from, there’s a place for you at Vibrant.
What kind of church are we? We’re a real church that embraces authenticity, is passionate about being a blessing to the community, serious about Jesus, and we have fun doing it. 
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon onsite or online at Vibrant. Ping us a note if we can help or if you have any questions!

Drew Peterson
Lead Pastor


We trust the Bible. It contains everything needed to get acquainted with God, to live well and to be a great church. The Bible is not only inspiring, it is historically and intellectually sound. Because it was written by dozens of authors over 16 centuries, only God could pull the Bible together. The Bible is a fully-aligned Story of how God is saving the world through Jesus. Sure, parts of it are tough to grasp because we live in a different time and place. However, when the Bible is taught clearly, it is understood and its power to change us is unleashed.
Questions about our doctrine and teaching may be sent to info@livevibrant.com.


Vibrant’s Elder Team serves behind the scenes and oversees Vibrant at a high level. Their primary role is watching over the health and unity of the church, while modeling the attitudes and actions of a healthy Vibrant family member. They provide doctrinal, missional and financial accountability, while delegating authority for ministry strategy and leadership to the Lead Pastor and his staff team. The elder team currently includes:
  • Nick Bertram
  • Kevin Cagno
  • Dave Depew
  • Lindsay Depew
  • Mike Isbell
  • Rick Marcum
  • Drew Peterson
  • Bob Reyna
  • Gary Thompson

If you have any questions for any of our elders, contact them at elders@livevibrant.com.



1775 Lambs Gap Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
9:00 am & 10:30 am


Streaming Online
9:00 am & 10:30 am


37 Pennsylvania Ave, York Haven, PA 17370
10:00 am 

Current Series

So much of our lives are spent trying to scratch this ITCH. An itch for more – whether it’s food, entertainment, money, influence, power, stuff. This chase for MORE feels insatiable, almost like chasing the wind. As our appetites and itches increase, it seems our discontentment rises at the same rate no matter how many times we scratch the itch.

What’s the secret to living a life of contentment in a culture of more? Can we actually kill the itch?
Adventure Park is located at our Lambs Gap campus in Mechanicsburg.  In addition a handicap accessible playground, our park includes picnic pavilions, soccer fields, a paved trail, outdoor fitness equipment, and 9-hole disc golf course.