Message: “How to Grow Your Heart: Part 1” from Mike Russell

Mike Russell - December 2, 2018

How to Grow Your Heart: Part 1

From Series: "How to Grow Your Heart"

We all know the Grinch as the one who “stole Christmas”—he resented the Whos for their joyful celebrations and bright decorations. His heart was too small to be joyful or to love anyone. Maybe there’s a little bit of the Grinch inside of all of us; there are too many things we can allow to steal the joy of Christmas. We’re going to expose those “Grinches” and bring our hearts back to what the season is all about. Like the Grinch, let’s move beyond greed, fear, and loneliness, and learn how to grow our hearts three sizes bigger. This Christmas at Vibrant, join us for a fun-filled teaching series that will bring hope and joy for the season!

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