Dan & Megan's Story - We Don't Take Ourselves Too Seriously

This week in our Vibrant Family Values series, we talked about value six: We Don't Take Ourselves Too Seriously. There are no perfect people, only one perfect God.

The Walsh Family is a shining example of this value. Check out their story about how this perspective cultivates appreciation for God's grace:

"We love to spend time with our family, extended family, vibrant family, sports families & our friends who are family. We take the responsibilities of serving Vibrant and our opportunity to be small group co-leaders very seriously. However, if you were a fly on the wall during a Sunday night at the Frys’ house or our house, you would hear a lot of jokes and laughter.

We are committed to showing up for each other and more importantly Jesus. We appreciate being a part of the Vibrant  community who is impacting our region and beyond. We appreciate the laughs and smiles. We have also witnessed this same community repeatedly showing up for us during rough times.

We take being a follower seriously, but we know that we fall short everyday of God’s expectations for us. We appreciate the mercy and grace God provides to us everyday which helps us move on and not get stuck in a place of self-loathing or not feeling good enough. Given this gift, we do not have to take ourselves so seriously all of the time."