Andrea's Story - Jesus Is Our Banner

As part of our Vibrant Family Values series, we are going to share stories from several individuals who embody these values at Vibrant.

First is Andrea Jackson, speaking about how Jesus Is Her Banner:

"It was fun being a child growing up in church and singing “His banner over me is love”.  It was after my mom passed away and I thought I would die from the heartbreak; I realized the beauty of those words.  Jesus has many names. He is the Lion of Judah, Prince of Peace, Light of the World but my favorite is friend. In the times I fall short of representing his goodness, for the battles I wish I didn’t have to fight and for death he carried out for me, I have still been enough.

We don’t always think of what we carry/wave before going to war or after declaring victories but with all our strength, we carry our banner closest to our hearts. l hold tight the love Jesus has for me because when I was at my lowest, that is when I could lean into his strength and as I draw closer to him, he steps in to meet me where I am and never leaves me with the re-assurance, I am His.  

The beauty of Jesus is while He died for the world to know the Father, He died to be my friend. His friendship freed me from separation from the Father. Through Him, things that have died on this side will come to life in Heaven, so sorrow cannot win.  His banner over me is love and because of that, I cannot keep quiet."