Meet the Staff - John

Name: John Henninger. My friends call me “Johnny”
Role at Vibrant: York Haven Outreach Director
How long have you been at Vibrant: I showed up in 1986, left with the Army in 1993, returned in 2004, and have hung around for the last 18 years.
Favorite scripture verse: Romans 12:2 - "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind"
What worship song is on repeat: ALWAYS by Chris Tomlin
Favorite food: Ribeye, medium rare
Something fun about you: my tattoos tell my story and my testimony
Favorite part about your job: serving the people of York Haven, and inviting others to join me
Favorite part about Vibrant: Our heart for reaching everyone... locally, nationally, and globally... The privilege of serving on missions trips around the globe has truly transformed me.