Lori's Story - Vibrant Groups

We've been attending Vibrant for almost 20 years. Through those years we've been involved in several different groups. They have allowed us to meet people, open God's Word, and take steps to a stronger relationship with God, as well as some of the people that we connected with.

I can remember going to people's homes and being impacted on how generous they were as well as hospitality being a gift. Some of the families that we connected with in the beginning we are not connected with any longer.

There was one group that we are still very thankful for that we still have friendships with and can call if we have a need or just to visit.

We have a group meeting in our home currently, and sometimes in other member's homes, that God is working in building relationships, community, and trust.

We have become more open with sharing where each of us are spiritually as well as how we struggle and survive. Reaching out to each other if we need a hand, or not feeling well.

All of this to say, we are the hands and feet of Jesus living out our faith to each other and those that we are in contact with throughout our week.
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