Liz's Story - Worship at Vibrant

Worship at Vibrant has ultimately become my favorite part of the week. The relationships I am building with the team and church community mean so much to me. One of the most powerful feelings I have ever experienced has been praising Jesus on stage and watching the rest of the congregation also connect with him through us.

Being on the worship team means that we get to connect others to Jesus through the morning music. Our purpose up there is to glorify, honor, praise, and exalt our God. It shows our adoration and loyalty to God and His grace in providing us with the way we can escape the bondage of sin.

The emotion I feel when I get to worship God is such an overwhelming feeling of love and purity. Worshipping is where I feel most connected to Jesus. The songs we sing are not just music and entertainment. That's not it at all. The songs we sing are the truth of the love that Christ has to offer us.

Even though we don't deserve it, these songs remind us just how much Jesus loves us and how gracious He truly is. The connection I feel to God and to our congregation during worship is indescribable. It renews my mind and soul.
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