Lee's Story - Vibrant Church Production

When I come to church, I come with an expectation to have an encounter with Jesus. That expectation is carried out through each of the specific parts of the service. The worship at Vibrant is what sets the stage for that encounter. I see it as preparing my heart for that encounter through praise. The worship team leadership, through prayer, does such an excellent job of carefully selecting the worship songs each week so that they tie in to what is being taught that week. For me specifically, worship brings me before the throne so that I can have that encounter with Jesus and praise him with all of my being.

Through my service on the creative arts team I get to experience first hand how the worship at Vibrant is connecting people to Jesus each and every week. I have heard stories of people's lives being changed because of the encounter they had with Jesus on a given Sunday. I have witnessed members of the worship team growing in their faith and in their service to the Lord. God is using each member of the team in such a mighty way and it isn't lost on the team the important role that they play in the Sunday morning service. God is really doing mighty things at Vibrant and it is so evident each and every week. I come to church each week with that same level of expectation believing that God is going to move during the service and impress on our hearts what it is we need to hear and He never disappoints!