Jamie's Story - Baptism

My story is a testimony for anyone who thinks their sin is too big for baptism. The sins that you spend so much time trying to forget, they’re all you can think about. Yesterday’s worries that create breathtaking anxiety for weeks to come.

Pastor Drew means it when he says Jesus is for everyone, that Vibrant is for everyone. I spent 18 years resisting God’s existence, years in addiction, spoke hundreds of lies, and caused unbelievable betrayal to my closest friends.

That all changed when I walked into Vibrant in January 2021. Week after week, I learned more about Jesus and what it really means to follow him. I witnessed love from staff, volunteers, and members; and thought “I want to be more like them.” December 2021, I declared Jesus as my savior.

Those debilitating sins? They no longer keep me awake at night. Anxiety, shame, guilt and fear are no match against my relationship with our God. He’s for me - and he’s for you, too.
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