Update on our Greater Building Project

Hey, Vibrant!

The slab is poured for our new addition!  This new space will house the new café, indoor playground, and additional educational rooms!  We’re super-excited to see the progress made and ask you to keep the ongoing construction in your prayers.  COVID has thrown some monkey wrenches into the supply and transportation chains, so ask God to continue to show us His favor and blessing, and that forward motion will continue!

The Greater Campaign Fund is now over $1,047,000.00!!!!  But it’s not too late to give!  If you have any questions about this building project fund, please let me know.  I’d be happy to help you understand how we’re using these funds so generously donated by you, our Vibrant family.  Your generosity and faithfulness are making a difference for eternity!  

Thank you!
TJ George
Lambs Gap Campus Pastor
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